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 Handbook Page 1:  Golfing Memberships//Full Memberships

·                    Equity Requirement – 5 shares of stock


·                    Junior                    $150.00      

·                    Individual               $730.00      

·                    Married/Social        $880.00

·                    Married/Full            $1030.00

·                    Family                    $1180.00

·                       (out of county-1/2 regular rate)

Family is defined as Husband and Wife and all unmarried dependent children under the age of 23 or attending college full time or in the military.

Dues are annual.  A member is required to pay dues by April 1st.  When joining after August 31st, the next years’ dues are to be paid in full, and the member is granted full club privileges for the remainder of the year.

If a member does not pay dues by April 1st membership privileges may be suspended.  To rejoin, a Member must bring any past due account current. Any unpaid amounts shall become a lien against the Member’s stock and no transfer will be approved until past due amounts are paid. 

New members:

Equity Requirement- 3 shares of stock first year and 2 additional shares by April 1st of the following year   One Stock Certificate will be issued upon meeting required equity.

Note: new member is defined as not being a Member for five years.

Dues: 70% of normal dues in first year.   Normal dues amount to be paid beginning in year two (2).  

Social Memberships: 

            Equity Requirement – 3 shares of stock  

            Dues:        Individual                 $235.00    

                             Married                   $365.00     

                        (out of county - l/2 regular rate)  

Out of County Membership:

Equity Requirement – 5 shares of stock: 3 shares first year, 2 shares following year.

Must NOT have a residence in Custer County (own or rent)

Dues are 50% of normal dues.

Junior Membership:

            Dues:  $150.00 per year.

            High School student and younger.  (refer to Golf Rules) 

Stock in the Miles City Town & Country Club may be purchased from the Club Manager at $100.00 per share.  Stock Certificates transferred between individual stockholders will be assessed $25.00 fee per transaction, and must have board approval. 

Membership year is from January l though December 31.  Dues plus any past monies due for shares, cart storage, use-it-or-lose-it fees, etc. must be paid before club privileges are  instituted.