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 Handbook Page 3:  General House Rules

The Clubhouse is primarily for the use and enjoyment of the members, their families and their guests.   

All house rules shall become effective upon approval of the Board of Directors and may be amended at any time by same.  

House rules shall be observed as rigidly as the By-laws and violation or disregard of said rules may be grounds for disciplinary action by the Board of Directors as authorized in Article XII, Section 1 of the By-laws.   Committees will report violations of the rules to the Board with recommendations for action to be taken. 

The Club Manager has authority to enforce all House Rules.  Any guest failing to comply with a request of the Manager will be required to leave the premises:  any member who fails to comply with a request of the Manager may be reprimanded, suspended or terminated by the Board of Directors.      

l. None of the Club’s property may be rented or loaned without specific authority from the Club Manager. 

2.  Proper attire is required to be worn in and around the Clubhouse and on the golf course. Short shorts, swim suits, tank tops, and sweat suits, are not considered proper attire and are not allowed. 

3.  Members will be held responsible for the removal of and/or damage to club property by themselves, members of their family or their guests.    

4.  All complaints against employees of the Club or policies of the Club are to be addressed to the Club Manager, then to the Board of Directors in writing. 

5.  The laws of the State of Montana and County of Custer in reference to gambling and the sale of liquor shall be observed by all members, guests and employees of the Club.      

6. Clubhouse and bar hours will be set by the Board of Directors and will be observed by all.   

7.  No liquor other than that purchased at the Clubhouse shall be consumed on Country Club property.    

8.  The club does not condone the use of vile, obscene or abusive language or behavior, and those using such shall be ejected from the Clubhouse or course. 

9. At special Club functions, single members or sons and daughters of Club Members may bring as their escorts non-members.    

10. The Club is not responsible for personal property left on the Club premises.

Neither the Club nor the Pro Shop is responsible for loss or theft of private property. 

11.  Minors will not be allowed to sit at the bar.   

12.  Minors must be accompanied by a family adult to be in the lounge/bar.

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