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 Handbook Page 5:  Golf Rules - Playing Privileges

       The course shall be open to all adult members except as follows:

                        Tuesdays-Mixed Golf League

                        Wednesday Ė Ladiesí Leagues as scheduled

                        Thursday Ė Menís Leagues as scheduled

                        During special events, as per Club Activities Calendar.

            Open golf at discretion of Golf Professional                         

Junior golfers (under age 18) and student member golfers must be off Number 1 tee by 4:30 p.m. during the week.  They may not play on Saturday afternoon or all day Sunday unless accompanied by an adult paying member.   This is at the discretion of the Golf Professional or Pro Shop attendant, depending upon playing pressure on the course. 

Junior golfers may play in either the Ladiesí or Menís Leagues providing the teams are first filled with adult members.  Junior golfers may play in the following CLUB SPONSORED golfing events; the Club Championship, the Presidentís Cup and the Parent/Child Tournaments.  In all other CLUB SPONSORED golfing events, golfers must be 18 years of age.  

Junior golfers must pass a rules and etiquette test, including cart rules, before playing without an adult. 

Minimax handicap cards are required for all league and tournament  play.  Members sign up and pay for this service in the Pro Shop.  

Membership dues and past amounts due must be paid in full before playing in any league.   

Those participating in any league shall abide by the rules as established by that particular league.  

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