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 Handbook Page 7:  Rules for Motorized Golf Carts

1.  Only approved golf carts will be allowed on the course.  Any member planning to purchase a cart may request specification information from the Pro Shop. 

2.  No carts shall be driven in the area between the Clubhouse and the practice green.   

3 .  Carts will be kept forty (40) feet from greens and off tees.  Use cart paths whenever possible. Absolutely no cart shall drive on fairways #3 and #8.  The 90o rule shall apply on #5 (only carts with orange flags have exception to this rule).

*Orange flag requests are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors on a case- by- case basis. 

4.  For safety of all be cautious on side hills.                       

5.  Always set the brakes before leaving the cart. 

6.  Children without a driverís license are not allowed to operate golf carts except when accompanied by a responsible adult.    

7.  Continued or blatant disregard for the rules governing golf cart use may result in the loss of golfing privileges, cart use privileges or both. 

8.  Owners of golf carts shall be held responsible for any damage to persons or property resulting from the use of their carts. 

7.  Only two carts per foursome or one cart per twosome will be allowed unless otherwise approved by Pro Shop. 

8.  Only full dues paying members shall be allowed to use private carts.  

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